Wilbur App

Can you design an innovation to improve the health insurance open enrollment experience so that it protects the financially vulnerable from hardship?

Health Experience Design (HXD) at MadPow, Commonwealth and CHXD launched an innovation challenge to prompt the financial, healthcare, and design community to envision a solution that will help employees with incomes under $55,000 balance their health and financial needs at open enrollment.

With health, productivity, and financial security on the line, both employers and employees stand to benefit from HDHPs that are designed to mitigate the risk of the deductible by increasing savings. The purpose of this challenge is to deliver innovative solutions so that people are able to make decisions that work for their finances without jeopardizing their health.

Meet Wilbur, the friendly pig. Wilbur is a new type of health savings account that people feel confident when it comes to getting the care they need. Where traditional health savings accounts can be complicated and confusing, Wilbur is designed to be clear and accessible.

One of the 5 winners at the
National CHXD MadPow Design & Innovation Challenge